All we ever do is judge

by madamerican2230

We judge people by the way they look, by the way they dress, by the way they walk, by the way they sit in a chair, if they go to therapy or not, by if they can’t speak, by the way that we think they can’t tell whether they are right or wrong.  It all boils down to we are all born under the same sky, and we all have to abide by the same rules and live life as we want to live it.  I know there are laws we have to follow, but why do we follow them if we have a government that doesn’t impose them?  That’s half the reason why we break laws we know they won’t be enforced, we know we won’t get the maximum penalty…but maybe we should get the maximum and maybe that would stop the people from breaking so many laws that would indirectly solve the prison population because when they break the law they will get the maximum penalty, so therefore they wouldn’t want to commit the crime anymore because it would be damn near impossible to get out of the maximum penalty.  And one way to solve this is to kick the white house’s ass and get them the hell out of there.  Kick all the Ron Pauls out of radio and talk shows.  Put them in the maximum facility for crazy people, because that’s what they really are.  CRAZY anyone that doesn’t stand up for our God given rights for our founding fathers is absolutely crazy and they shouldn’t be bitching about what us sane people do because us sane people are what’s really keeping them alive.  I truly do believe this, as soon as we put God back in schools and we allow prayer back in schools and we stop judging people for how they look and act how they perceive theirself the world would be near perfect.  But what am I saying, the world can never be perfect.  But this is one way even you can make the church going people happy, you can make the sane people happy too….if you just quit with all the blaming shit and take blame for what you do and quit blaming other people for what you do.  You have to take blame for what you do, otherwise this world is going to be a disaster which it is turning out to be.  Yes I am a disaster freak and I am preparing for the end days.  My question to you, are you?  If not you should be thinking about it.  In fact if you follow me tomorrow I will give you some websites that you can look at to get your supplies and I will tell you if I can find it where and how many supplies you should get.  If I can’t find it you will have to search for it yourself.  I will try to give you the best list that I can possibly come up with, one thing I can suggest right off the top of my head is as many watch doomsday preppers and again if you don’t know what doomsday preppers are your pretty damn stupid and you haven’t been watching tv and haven’t been watching the news have you?  In fact you have been living underneath a rock and you need to get out of tunderneath the rock and face the fact Jack.  So see ya tomorrow.  If we all last that long!  Which I don’t see any facts that say we won’t.  So see ya tomorrow.