Mad at congress!

by madamerican2230

You know why?  Because we have a black president yes I said black.  Maybe I am racist but if we wouldn’t have a black president we wouldn’t have half of the shit that is going on in congress.  We wouldn’t have laws getting forced down our throat just because they want to make laws.  We wouldn’t have laws that take all of his term to get passed and probably all of the next term to get passed or taken care of until another law.  Yes I am talking about the law that is Obamacare.  I think it’s just a bunch of pork and bullshit.  Yes I was for the other candidate for president.  Yes I was for a lady taking vice presidency.  Yes I was for McCain/Palin.  Yes I am still for Sarah Palin.  Yes I would vote for Sarah Palin to get president.  Anybody that has Sarah Palin for president or vp I would vote for it.  As long as they weren’t democrats I would vote for them.  Yes I am for a republican.  Yes I do think it should be the tea party.  But that is not for me to decide that’s for someone higher up.  I do not want Obama deciding what the name of the new party is because he will probably name it after himself.  And that is something I don’t want even if after half of the state were divided and half of it was for Obamacare and half of it wasn’t even if I had to move clear across state that wasn’t for Obama I would.  I think half of the state would probably be over populated with mad people.  Yes I am furious!  Yes I think it’s about damn time we impeach him before he gets a free ride for the rest of his life.  Yes I said a free ride.  Because that’s pretty much what all the good presidents that haven’t been impeached deserve!  I don’t think the impeached process should stop with Obama.  I think it should go right on to the VP.  Because I don’t think he should be deserving of a free ride either.  And I don’t know where this is bad but I don’t know where the process should stop right now.  I’m so mad at congress, I think we should throw all of them out.  I know this is nearly impossible and I know why we don’t do this but I think everybody should be able to vote on everything if they want to vote on everything.  I know why we don’t do it, because it would be huge chaos around this world and in the US especially let alone around the world.  Jonathan Lee Craft…..madamerican!