The five

by madamerican2230

Everything the 5 says is right, Obama’s a self pompous jerk who was never born in the US and will never be able to prove it, if he does who did he pay off and how much did he pay them.  The whole reality is he shouldn’t even be in the white house, he shouldn’t even be president.  So why is, just because we wanted a black president?  When we could have had the first woman vp that could have eventually got president and done a damn good job.  Instead we got a self pompous joke that sits on his ass and tells big fat lies we can’t get out of.  He should be impeached.  As I said in previous posts he should not get a fucking cent from the government once he’s out of the office but we know he will because we won’t be able to impeach him fast enough we know he will get that free ride the rest of his life.  You know he’s never planning on going back to his house in chicago, so why are they protecting his house that he’s never planning to go back to.  I don’t know where he’s planning to go to but I think he’s one step away from Hitler, how about you guys?  One very pissed off American!  Without his speech prompters he wouldn’t even be the shit he is.  He would be worse than the shit he is.  Because he would always be looking down at his papers, he wouldn’t know how to keep eye contact with the audience.  He would be losing his place and possibly losing his fucking mind, did I just say he had a mind he doesn’t.  So why do we have him in the white house.  Why is he signing any white house bills.  Just because he’s a black pompous president, that’s why I think so how about you?