Report: Funds Diverted to Pay for Obamacare Implementation

by madamerican2230

This is flat out sickening! And appalling, and ridiculous. I don’t know how else to put it. We have some major dumb asses in our government that are eventually going to bring our US down. I thought we separated from the King along time ago, but I guess we didn’t. If we don’t watch it this is going to end up like Hitler. We’re all going to have labels on our heads and there’s going to be camps all over the place that will be trying to kills us group by group and we don’t want that, now do we? Please speak out!!

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Report: Funds Diverted to Pay for Obamacare Implementation

(Politico) – The Obama administration is dropping some new hints about how it has moved money around to fund Obamacare without Congress — but not nearly enough to put the controversy to rest.

Forced to reveal more details under a provision tucked in this year’s bipartisan budget deal, the Department of Health and Human Services declared Friday how it used Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s authority to move about $1.6 billion in departmental funds around last year — the Cabinet secretary’s version of looking for change under the couch cushions and hitting the jackpot.

But HHS didn’t say exactly how it spent the money, and it didn’t lay out the kind of detail Republicans sought. So now the Republicans will have to decide their next move, whether it’s just more records requests or new efforts to tie the Obama administration’s hands in future appropriations bills.

And even though it will be able…

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