Crash in the near future, we’re going to be in deep deep shit when it happens

by madamerican2230

For one thing, the gas prices will rise so far we can’t even afford to fuel our vehicles which is already happening it’s going to get worse it’s going to affect our food prices because somebody is going to have to eat that gas cost, and believe me it won’t be the business’s it will be the fucking consumers.  And yes I am talking about us.  Why I say fucking consumers is because this whole thing isn’t right and worse yet the retirement is going to go out the window for all young and old and we’re all going to be stuck under a stupid dictator president.  Yes I said the word dictator.  Nobody who is in there after this president if we get a democrat it will still be a dictatorship even though it’s not classified as a dictatorship just yet.  If we get a democrat in there it will be.  The only chance we’ve got is to get a Republican in there in the white house seat otherwise we will be going back to the older days.  Where we have hunt for our own food with the guns they’re trying to take away from us.  They are trying to take away all the weapons we do have which isn’t right we do have the right to bear arms and we do have the right to use them as self defense.  Even though most courts don’t know what self defense is.  People are making up stupid games to see if they can kill people in real life.  I don’t know why they would do that.  They were doing that with their bare hands, they were actually hitting them so hard and knocking them down striking there head and killing them.  They would knock them down kicking their leg from underneath them, catching them by surprise hitting their head killing them if they weren’t dead they were severely injured even to the point of not being able to work at all.  I forgot where that was but it was on the news for a while.  Sorry I still don’t know what it was, but I try to forget those things.  It really surprises me that I forget the name of that gang because I can remember things like that, but excuse me for trying to forget the bad things that I see on tv.  But it was on the five for a very long time.  I now remember the name of the game it was called Knock Out.  Sorry if any of you are on food stamps, but food stamps are part of the problem they don’t know when to stop it, they don’t know when to take food stamps away from people.  People are over using them.  The government did this.  Also I think the government should close down the US postal service and give back all the contractors and send it UPS it all should go to those companies instead of having the government do it on a few things budget.  But they can’t use their fortune to buy new vehicles they have a problem I don’t care if they are the government or not they need to be shut down.  they have a problem when they can’t even buy new vehicles.  They can’t even afford their fleet to begin with of vehicles to begin with and that’s just right out wrong.  I don’t see how they stay afloat but they are they government and that explains it all.  The government can’t even make a balance budget so what am I talking about?  I think all of this could be solved by making a balanced budget and putting all this money back where it belongs instead of where it is used.  These are 2 sections of government where I think money is poorly used.  I don’t know about the rest of you people but this is making one mad american!  And I’m ready to raise some Hell!  As I know some other people are.