Does an aircraft crash? mean another area 51? I think so

by madamerican2230

I think they know where its, I think they are just keeping it quiet.  Which is sad for the victims family’s but I do believe that’s what they’re doing.  It’s something like this the white house would do.  All they have been doing is lying out their ass since they got into office.  And they are treating the office like a huge campaign trail and they have been off the campaign trail for I don’t know how long.  Everybody needs to be out of there as soon as they can.  I think everybody  should go out with the president.  But I know that will not happen.  I know we won’t get anywhere ever again if we don’t get all of them out of there.  If we don’t start with a clean plate.  On another side note here’s something one of the people on the Five show said yesterday regarding global warming I thought they we’re spot on….”  these slumber party experts have ignored the recent data on climate change.  It’s been floating for 1 and half decades and may go on four decades.  The slight increase in warming saves lives, the colder the world is more people die.  There solution there isn’t one, besides more money”