Something I hate the most

by madamerican2230

The people that have a job and think they can take off whenever they damn well please and it won’t hurt nobody.  The truth is it hurts everybody on that shift and even sometimes on the next shift, sometimes even until the next day.  It really hurts everyone for the next week, especially if they are on nights or seconds.  My advice to you is don’t get on nobody’s bad side and always go to work except when your really sick and can’t physically stand up or your on the pot all the time, or throwing up.  Then we don’t need you, but if you just have a stuffy nose you can just blow your nose at work, if you’ve got a cough cover your damn mouth.  If your a nurse you can wear a damn mask like they do in isolation.  Excuse me but this is something that everybody seems to be able to figure out a way to abuse it, and this needs to be stopped.  One pissed off American!