How did we get this to stop?

by madamerican2230

How do we get this to stop?  I’m just wondering if it all comes down to the right to carry law?  and how lenient the law is?  they should be investigated by the FBI before they allow them to carry.  I know that’s a lot to put on the FBI but this is getting ridiculous.  Too many people are getting shot or robbed.  We need to do something that drastic to stop it.  It’s just like the post I posted yesterday that is not going to stop I know it’s stopping now but gangs are going to get a hold of that game and use it to get into the thieir gang.  Because they are already going around saying get the White Polar Bear!  And those people had a gun but sooner or later that game in that game they’re going to learn the right point to be able to kill somebody.   I’m sorry but I don’t look lightly on this kind of shit.  In fact I am one very pissed off and pissed off American!