Something I think should be changed in Washington

by madamerican2230

I think all the White House staff needs to be moved out of there.  And it should just be a judge on a panel of judges, but keep nine votes to pass the law.  After of course they have to send it and I think the Senate and the judges should be able to handle the military actions.  So what I’m saying is get rid of the white house.  I’m not saying this in a pressing way as in a pressing way I’m just saying it as an idea.  But I’m still one pissed off American with alot of ideas that the government came to me and asked me I would at least need to whole days just to tell them my ideas.  If they would come to me and ask me, I would tell them what I reaaly thought of them. I don’t care if I’m on gernment assistance or not.  So what I’m telling you is if the government came and asked me they would get the side they’ve never saw of me and that would’n’t be the nice me that you guys haven’t met yet.  If you want to see the nice side of me go to, sincerely one pissed off American Jonathan L Craft