Who would have ever thinked we would be killing God’s good grean Earth with weed killer?

by madamerican2230

Not the Indians just the White folk!  The Indians use every piece of earth they can,  some of them even make mud houses.  It’s the same way when they hunt.  so why can’t we do that?  I’m going to say this for yoru protection yoru asking the wrong person because I think we should go back to that.  I think we should go back to God’s ways.  Even though most people don’t understand what God’s ways were or are.  But God’s were one the Earth and he used everything for God’s plans until Adam and Eve got involved and then they introduced sin, but that’s a whole nother story.  But what I think we should get back to is celebrating more of what we have on this Earth.  Get back to the way we were fbefore all this technoligy, I know we need some of these items….like cellphones and tv.  And yes even some medicines we don’t need.  The indians would tell us what we need and not the doctors.  I think the doctors are going to damn far.  I think the doctors are not letting our bodies heal itself.  This is not everything I don’t agree with this is just part of it.  I think we need to go back to hunting, and gathering, and praying, and building houses without all this technology.  And yes even though I’m using a computer I think we need to limit our computer use and oru internet use and get abck to the way Godplanned it!  because the way God planned it was the best way for us if we wouldn’t have ruined it in the first place.  As you know this is coming from pissed off Armerican!   I also don’t like how to two people can’t  get along with one another for two seconds, I think we need to learn to get along like God wanted us to do.  I think all of God’s people should be able to learn to get along like one big happpy family.  Because after all that’s what we are!