by madamerican2230

One week!  Why haven’t they sent everybody they fucking can to find this plane?  All they’re doing is finding more are that the plane could be at, my question to you is…Ist he US involved in this mess?  I think so are they ever going to find the plane?  No they’re not?  Are they ever going to find the people, maybe!  Are they hostage, maybe!  I really don’t know what to say about our governement or any other fucking form….what do they call the government?  they should call it people of the five don’t know if they’re going to shit or not!  They should just shit or get off the damn opot already!  This doesn’t go just for this  This goes for all the damn things they did.  Bush is not the biggest of piece of shit right now it’s Obama!!  And Obama has nobody else to blame but himself.  so I wish he would just get off the campaign trail.  becasue it’s almost to the end of his term and all he’s been doing is campaigning for people to like this.  His presidency is not a campaign.  It’s the presidency he needs to stop acting like adamn King and get back to what he’s suppose to do.  If he ever did it, i don’t think he ever did he’s just been campaigning for the most unliked person in America history.  Yes I said american history not the Us history. because yes everybody in america should hate him.  yes it’s one pissed off American on his damn soapbox again!  Talk to you later!