High-Tech GPS, Satellite Images, Binoculars Search For Flight 370

by madamerican2230

Why the hell are they using the simple when they know they are not going to find anything from the simple tools. We need to be using the expensive technology we need to hire deep sea divers when they find an area they think the plane could be, otherwise they aren’t going to find a damn thing and they are not going to be sucessfull at anything they are doing until they get deep sea divers down there! I think what they are trying to do is they are hoping that it won’t go clear to the bottom of the sea a boat won’t but we all know a plane like that is going to go to the bottom of the sea, and so my feeling is if they don’t get the deep sea divers involved the people are going to have a deep sea grave forever., if they don’t already. That’s just my opinion.


WASHINGTON (AP) — From satellites to binoculars, the hardware being used in the search for the missing plane far off western Australia ranges from the sophisticated to the simple. Some of the equipment being used to look for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370:


The plane most utilized so far has been the Lockheed P-3 Orion, a four-engine turboprop favored by the Australian and New Zealand defense forces. Because the search area in the southern Indian Ocean is so remote — some 2,500 kilometers (1,550 miles) southwest of Perth — it’s an eight-hour round trip, leaving the planes just two or three hours to search.

One advantage of this plane is that it can fly at low altitudes for long periods. Mike Yardley, an air commodore with New Zealand’s air force, said that his team’s Orion flew at just 200 feet (60 meters) above the water Thursday to stay below…

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