Not to long ago, it has been 4 years since Obama healthcare law has come into efffect!

by madamerican2230

Not to long ago, itt has been 4  yeasr since Obama healthcare law has come into efffect!    Has it done anything?  Hell NO!  They are afraid to call it Obamacare they are still calling it the affordable healthcare act.  yes this is ridicullous.  I lost one of my doctors already a long time ago.  And I think it’s going to continue, how about you?  I don’t like the government telling what I can have and when i can have it, what I can choose and what I can’t  that is just plain ridiculous.  We are human beings.  Not his damn puppets!  we should never have to act like his damn puppet.  For those of you that are acting like a damn puppet,  I’m ashamed of you.   If Obamacare is a winner what does it take to be a loser?  If this is the winner I hate to see a loser!