Should Michelle Obama be in China?

by madamerican2230

Should she bee there on our dime?  I got one answer and it’s NO!  I think all the presidents should have to pay for their own personal vacations.  Now if they are over there for something president related than yes we should pay for it.  But, if they are over there for personal reasons like paying gas or to just get the daughters a chance to go to China, then NO!  Don’t get me wrong.  i know they aren’t going to golf in China but they’ve been golfing in Florida with Tiger Woods a hell of a lot.  Obama should have to pay back any money that  he spends on vacations because in my opinion he hasn’t done a damn thing.  When he starts doing something and I doubt he will the state can start paying his bills again.  Maybe that would be a way to get him to do something in the office of the presidency besides signing his life away on bills.  He doesn’t know a damn thing.  I think he should at least know what he’s doing before he signs it.  One pissed of American, how about you?