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Month: April, 2014

Russians Mocking Obama

This is so true I think. I think we need to tighten up our security so tight that no illegals can get through and throw all the illeglas out of our country that’s not on a green card. For all the pople that are on them that are out of the country working somewhere else I support and I think they should be able to come in and out as often as they want. As long as they can prove their working when they’re over there like in China for example. I have problems with those people that do stuff illegally especially when it’s the president. You know the president is doing crap illegaly otherwise he wouldn’t be in the office to begin with. I think he foced his birth certificate to begin with. He can’t be from the US, and have a clear concience of what he’s doing. It’s pretty dang onvious he has a clear concious of what he’s doing it’s obvious he doesn’t give a darn about our country because all the stuff he forces down our throats. What do we have to do? Before people speak out, do we have to become a dictatorship? that’s what it looks like to me, if you people don’t start speaking out loud….like this person did on his blog. I’m sorry for this crap is getting deep it’s deep in here! I think somebody needs to provide me with a shovel so I can dig myself out…..please hurry!! Because it’s almost coming up to my head…and fast probably by the next time I post something it will be up by my mouth. This is one pissed off american tellling you the facts jack!

Call Me Stormy

With the Obama Administration well into its fifth year, our country’s respect on the international front continues to dwindle. President Obama’s latest debacle is unfolding in Eurasia, where the Russian Federation has expanded its boundaries into Ukraine, annexing the coastal region of Crimea, much to the chagrin of the Western world. The daring manuever drew a hapless response from the Obama Administration, making the U.S. the laughing stock among Russian politicians. American Enterprise Institute scholar Michael Rubin tells conservative radio talk show host Andrew Wilkow, “What’s dangerous is that what happens in Crimea doesn’t stay in Crimea. Ultimately, Vladimir Putin might be laughing at us, but Kim Jong Un, the dear leader in North Korea is having similar thoughts, you can be sure that the Supreme Leader in Iran is having similar thoughts and every single ally we have whom we have given security guarantees, are now seeing those guarantees…

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We need to stop making it so easy for the lazy people to graduate college.

Then they are protected for their life until they retire.  If they get a job in a union.  This is my silly ass opinion.  But all the union does is protect the lazy people and doesn’t protect those that really need it.  It just protects who it wants too, when it wants too, and how it wnts too,and for how long it wants too.  I think that’s ridiculous.  IT’s like the government has it’s own agenda and it does what the hell it wants to do, when it wants to do it.  Nothing like Catholic Church that stands up for whats right and just….no matter what the cost, no matter if they make it into bad or good, they don’t care as long as it’s right and just.   They are going to do what’s right.  That’s why I enjoy speaking out for what’s right because I am one of those Catholic people that speaks out for what’s right and just.  No matter how ugly it is going to make me look.  I don’t care if it’s making me a martyr or not, at least I am martyr for Christ and I wouldn’t want to be anything else.  Because matyrs are being perescuted all the time for their creator.  What better way to live a life than to be honest and true to everybody on God’s green planet.  This is one mad American trying to turn the leaf to be a good american.  And trying to understand the reason why the government does what it does and why it does why it does, but I don’t think I ever will.  And neither will the rest of us sane people on this Earth.  I watch  the United States go to Hell in a handcart…….and I just want to sit back and knock some people in their head until their unconcious.  Maybe after they wake up they will have some reconecction to their right minds and turn this country around and yes I am talking about the president and congress.  And all the people that are in Washington that have to deal with the white house.  I feel sorry for those sane people that have to work in this and around the white house and have to worry about their protection every minute of everyday that would drive me nuts.  I’m sure some people are there that want to move out of that area into another area.  But, they are worried if they quit their job they are not sure how they are going to find another job.  If you people know what I mean, If you don’t do something quick and now this world is not going to turn around.  This is one pissed off American signing off for now.

Fuck it All

It’s just the governemnet trying to screw us out of everything we can get, and next we won’t have3 any rights at all!!  Where did the constitution go, out the window?  We need to go back to the way it’s suppose to be when we seperated from whatever state we seperated form because the US is a great country to live in.  When we seperated from Great Britian it was a better country at one time.  Then we dind;t have all the gay and lesbians.  The government was seperated from their church.  Now it’s pointing fingers where they don’t belong.  It’s really getting on my last nerves that’s why I posted this song.  I’m sure I have lots of follwers but they don’t want to be honest and say thy’re folllowing me becasue they don’t want to look bad.  But keep me following me I don’t have to know your name, I don’t have to know how many people follow me,  but if you want to post something you have to follow me to post something I thinks.  But if you don’t please comment.  Please let me know if you feel the same way that I do, because I feel the government is out to get us.  I feel that we are just one step away from going back into history.  Where all the blue eyed people were killed and all the blondes were killed.  In other words I’m saying we’re one steop away from Hitler.  Unless we stand up for our rights, and please help me in the next election to vote these bastards out of congress.  And to hopefully turn this country around to where it was, otherwise we are going to have to celebrate religion underground, and then how is a handicapped person going to get underground… a lot of people are handicap now these days.  That’s another thing alot of people don’t think of the handicap.  Who are they suppose to so next time you see a handicap person please take the time to open the door for them if they need help, or put your hand out and hold that elevator door for them.  Excuse my language, yes is this one handicap individual and this is one pissed off American.  So please look out for the handicap as much as possible.

This is so true, ti drives me so nuts!

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They are taking away from the good people and giving it all to the poor!  Like Obama said share the wealth but we’ve been sharing it way too long.  The government needs to pay us back now not when we’re dead!  I mean our grandkids will be paying on the gvernments debt long after were gone.  Our grandkids grandkids will be paying on this debt.  Some people just don’t give a damn but I’m one of those people who cares where this world is going.  Thank you, one pissed off American!!


I think this is so true. We should not believe anything he says unless he puts it down on paper and signs it into LAW. Then we can work to overturn it.

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I think this is so true!

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I think it’s all a popularity contest, and I do think she will get off because of her popular name.  If you’ve been following my blog which not to many people have obviously you will know how I feel.

I was just at Disney

After I got back guess what I’ve heard?  I heard that some of the government assistance money is given to the poor and is actuallly spent at some of Disney…..isn’t that ridiculous?  In my opinion they shouldn’t be allowed to accept some of the credit cards.  In fact if they know the government credit card, they should be able to refuse it.   Unless it’s somebody that really deserves it like the military or anybody that has been fighting and has been hurt in the war and is now on food stamps because of how they got hurt in the military.  But they have to prove they were in the military.  They have to prove they were hurt, they actually have to have paperwork that they are deservant of this credit card.  But then the next thing will be we will have people that try to make false government id’s and make false stuff and that’s another story for another day.  That just really pissed me off, how about any of you followers?  One pissed off American!!

How to stop an Obama supporter:

Hide their foodstamps under their work boots!  This is so true!  Anybody that supports him now is living off him.  I don’t know how they can sleep at night.  In fact I don’t know how congress can sleep at night.  Oh I forgot most of the time they don’t sleep at night, most of the time they are up making crazy ass legislation that we don’t agree with, One pissed off American.