I was just at Disney

by madamerican2230

After I got back guess what I’ve heard?  I heard that some of the government assistance money is given to the poor and is actuallly spent at some of Disney…..isn’t that ridiculous?  In my opinion they shouldn’t be allowed to accept some of the credit cards.  In fact if they know the government credit card, they should be able to refuse it.   Unless it’s somebody that really deserves it like the military or anybody that has been fighting and has been hurt in the war and is now on food stamps because of how they got hurt in the military.  But they have to prove they were in the military.  They have to prove they were hurt, they actually have to have paperwork that they are deservant of this credit card.  But then the next thing will be we will have people that try to make false government id’s and make false stuff and that’s another story for another day.  That just really pissed me off, how about any of you followers?  One pissed off American!!