Fuck it All

by madamerican2230

It’s just the governemnet trying to screw us out of everything we can get, and next we won’t have3 any rights at all!!  Where did the constitution go, out the window?  We need to go back to the way it’s suppose to be when we seperated from whatever state we seperated form because the US is a great country to live in.  When we seperated from Great Britian it was a better country at one time.  Then we dind;t have all the gay and lesbians.  The government was seperated from their church.  Now it’s pointing fingers where they don’t belong.  It’s really getting on my last nerves that’s why I posted this song.  I’m sure I have lots of follwers but they don’t want to be honest and say thy’re folllowing me becasue they don’t want to look bad.  But keep me following me I don’t have to know your name, I don’t have to know how many people follow me,  but if you want to post something you have to follow me to post something I thinks.  But if you don’t please comment.  Please let me know if you feel the same way that I do, because I feel the government is out to get us.  I feel that we are just one step away from going back into history.  Where all the blue eyed people were killed and all the blondes were killed.  In other words I’m saying we’re one steop away from Hitler.  Unless we stand up for our rights, and please help me in the next election to vote these bastards out of congress.  And to hopefully turn this country around to where it was, otherwise we are going to have to celebrate religion underground, and then how is a handicapped person going to get underground… a lot of people are handicap now these days.  That’s another thing alot of people don’t think of the handicap.  Who are they suppose to so next time you see a handicap person please take the time to open the door for them if they need help, or put your hand out and hold that elevator door for them.  Excuse my language, yes is this one handicap individual and this is one pissed off American.  So please look out for the handicap as much as possible.