by madamerican2230

A draft proposal by Rep. Scott Garrett (R-N.J.), expected to be introduced in May, seeks to fine-tune the new marketing freedoms for entrepreneurs, in light of the new solicitation rules. He wants, for instance, to make it tougher for the SEC to cancel an entrepreneur’s offering in instances where regulators believe the company didn’t take reasonable steps to verify that investors meet net worth standards.

This is why I think that, this is why I put the title I did.  Everybody should read this I think this is ridiculous.  I think congress needs to be put on the military’s salary and the military should be put onto congress’s salary and we will see how quick things change….even the president should be put on the mitary’s salary….he wil loose all his protectiona and we will see how quickly things change, we will also see how quickly the assanation attmepts start…they will see how quickly things change…as soon as they change he can get all his protection as of now he should loose all the protection he has, I know that’s mean but it’s what it s going to take….or we need to do something drastic the congress and introduce to them it’s all up to congress.  It’s going to take the US or is the US is going to get destroyed.  I mean literally wiped off the face of the Earth.  One very very very pissed off American.