Professor Allegedly Threatens to Murder Students Who are ‘Teabaggers’ that Support Sen. Ted Cruz

by madamerican2230

I am so disgusted! All you hear is Obama did this Obama did that and he always blames it on somebody else. Like it’s not my problem. The hell is isn’t it, I know it’s not his problem all the way but he’s the one that signs the damn bills and makes esecutive orders. Me personally I don’t think Obama or anybody else should be making executive decisions unless it’s only involving the human beings. In other words that person themself, nobody else is involved. Or that person is not able to think rationally for themself. Like a kid or I hate to say this but a person with Alzheimers or somebody like Obama who is just plain out of his freaking mind along with the rest of Congress. But that’s just one pissed off American thinking for himself. Other people can think other things for themselves, but again everyone person has a right to their own opinion as well as their freedom of speech. I’m sorry but no person can ever take that person’s freedom of speech away from a person unless they never had a vvoice of their own. Yet if they don’t have a voice of their own they can use some form of sign language all somebody has to do is get off their lazy butt and teach them how to do sign language. IF someone doesn’t do that they are actually taking a right away from a person. I don’t think anybody should hever have that right to take a right away from a person unless they think they can’t think for themself. Who has the right to take that away from a person? Nobody but God himself. God himself would never do that so who has the right to take that right away from a person? Nobody in their right mind. If they do they are just flat out not American citizens they couldn’t have been bnorn in the US. I’m sorry but they weren’t made for this to inhabit this earth, I don’t know what they were made for but it wasn’t to inhabit earth. Maybe they were just made to drive you nuts. But then again that’s just one really pissed off American voicing his one sided opinion.

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Professor Allegedly Threatens to Murder Students Who are ‘Teabaggers’ that Support Sen. Ted Cruz

Matthew Burke
May 8, 2014

Further evidence that our college system has been taken over by radical Marxist professors is given by this horrific story out of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Otis Madison allegedly told students that were “Ted Cruz-supporting ‘teabaggers’ to get the hell out of his classroom before he sent them home to their mother in a body bag,” as reported in The College Fix.

Student Alice Gilbert, a conservative, enrolled in the class entitled “The Obama Phenomenon,” to broaden her horizons and learn more about Obama, hoping to gain a different perspective, but immediately dropped the class after Professor Madison opened his class with the hateful and potential threatening remarks.

The course description reads:

“[The course] examines the historical, cultural and political nature of the Obama phenomenon. Given the historical nexus of race and class in the United States, the course will explore the…

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