Mining accident West Virginia

by madamerican2230

I know this could have been prevented, why the hell wasn’t it?  Why the hell wasn’t it?  are miners just like service men and women?  We just need them to sign up so we will give them whatever to sign up then we will cut their pay when they actually have to go out and serve us.  But for miners it’s a little bit different.  Miners are putting their health at risk, they may get cancer or get killed in a mining accident like these two did.  But, what they don’t know or they may not realize is their loved ones are going to get taken care of but it won’t be the way they wanted their family members taken care of.  They are going to get taken care of agencies such as the wounded warriors program, and some kind of miners orginaztions that’s run by donations it’s not run by the government.  The governement is suppose to be taking care of the military and other people that get hurt on the job….why don’t they do what they say they are going to do.  Why are military paid minimum wage when they go out to serve us?  Our congress once they get in congress are set for life.  It should be that way with the milatray but its not so.  The milatray has to work their butts off for us when they are in service.  they get paid minimum wage, what’s wrong with this picture.   Something has to be totally wrong it needs to be the other way around and maybe we would get somewhere with our government.  I know I may have already said this but if I did or I din’t this can’t be stressed enough.  Something needs to change, if something doesn’t change this world is in for a great big world of hurt.  In fact I know two service men that would give up their life if it had to be done for thier state and country.  They wouldn’t even bat an eye when they were in the fileld or serving they have to defend just like their fellow citizens.  They have to fight for their contract, fight for their raises, except when they’re in active duty.  When they are in active duty don’t quote me on this but I think they only get paid minimum wage and they should get paid more than that.  The other people that aren’t getting paid minimum wage are getting paid but are getting paid what they negotiated ithough contracts.  But what I always though and what I still think is the government should set a minimum and they can’t go above that but they can go above that as much as they want as long as it can be paid for by our tax dollars.  Which I know a lot of people are going to say we can’t pay our bills now.  Yes we can if Congress gets off their lazy fat butts and blanances the budget and sticks to it cut all this bullcrap out of the bills and just concentrate on what needs to be concentrated on in Congress let the state do what the state needs to do.  Let Congress do what they need to do.  National governement which is getting to involved with what the state needs to do, and they need to worry about what Congress needs to do tjehy don’t need to worry about what the other states need to do, they need to worry about what they need to do.  Only get involved when the state has a problem.  Not when they think they have a problem like they are doing now.  Everytime we turn around the people in Washington are getting too invoved in our local governemnet and our state governement and they should be keeping their nose out of it, they only need to be involved when they need to be I don’t know how to judge that but that is not for only me to decide.  That is for others to decide with me that’s not one person to decide.  Like so many people thinks it only invovles one person and it doesn’t it involves the whole state world nation when we do something like this.  And that’s what it will take the whole nation to sit down and get along for 5 seondds while we decide what needs to be done to remain civil to one anohter forever.  There should be no weaponary involved, there should be no defense involved, no seperation involved, no staying on one side or another, we need to all get along.  Until that happens we will never see a peacful world as long as we all shall live.  I know this is a lot for me to say and a lot for you to digest but it’s the truth.  I’m only trying to speak the truth.  I’m not trying to take sides.  I am just trying to tell it like I see it.  I don’t try to be a right wing or left wing but as you can probably tell I’m one of those two more than the other.  But, I can’t help that.  But I try to remain neautral if possible when I do this kind of writing.  But I probably don’t do a good enough job.  But that’s why I need people to comment so I have other people’s comments to respond to and go off of.  Sometimes get mad at, but I need your help I can’t address this crap anymore, I need your help to keep this blog going, Please help.  One pissed off American trying to turn a new leaf.