by madamerican2230

They are not trying to find out the truth.  They don’t even care about the deceased people or family of the deceased.  they just care about how popular they are.  Like the rest of the Congress bullshit.  When we are getting attacked we should investigate unitl we know who did it and why they did it.  Right now I don’t think they even know who did it or why they did it.  We just know that people lost their lives.  No were having hearing over I don’t know what.  This whole thing has been a mess every since the beginning.  Why is it so damn messy?  Are they trying to cover up something?   Di d we do it to ourselfs, did one of our alies do it, who the hell did it?  We should figure out a way to voice our worries and our opinions.  unitl we get this congress mess and stuff like Benghazi  solved. Washington is getting ridiculous.  Washington is not about making American Laws anymore.  How rich can we get?  making pork?  Even if I could I wouldn’t go into politics until all the politicians were thrown out of congress, but I know that will never happen.  Because once a politician always a politician for the rest of their damn lives.  That’s just another story.  I think there should be term limits on politicians.  Like 6 yrs or maybe even as little as 2.  I think they should be making the minimum wage and I think after they get out they should have to go back to the real world.  But why does everybody think once they get popular that the whole world owes them anything they want?  It’s not that way.  The working class that they say for have to work for everything.  They just have to sit on their butt and not make any laws that make sense.  We have to live by them.  What are they doing about the Obama law, exactly sitting on their desk until it gets all the way into law.  I think that is a little ridiculous.  They are trying to make all of us go by their pucking what they say and that’s not right.  We seperated from the king and now they are trying to make us a dicatorship.  When we want to be a democracy.  That’s just a little sickening.  Don’t you think?  One pissed off American signing off for now.