Man accused of stealing $350K of human skin from hospital

by madamerican2230

He should go to prison for a really long time maybe even for life. This is wrong in so many different ways. It could have been for a vet, it could have been for a baby. i don’t care who it was for. Who in their right minc would do this? Oh I forgot he doesn’t have a right mind otherwise he wouldn’t have done this.

DELAWARE CO., Pa. — A Pennsylvania man has been arrested after being accused of stealing over $350,000 worth of human skin from a hospital.

According to NBC Philadelphia, Gary Dudek, 54, faces theft and tampering with records charges.

Police say he took the skin grafts from a hospital in Philadelphia over the course of two years — until July 2013. It began after the hospital noticed the grafts missing this past January.

Investigators say Dudek had been a sales rep for a regenerative medicine company and was authorized to buy and supply the hospital with skin grafts.

However, they say he made unauthorized purchases for the hospital, but the hospital never received the grafts.

Surveillance video, however, shows the man taking grafts from the hospital and placing them in his car.

It’s not clear what Dudek did with the grafts. But police believe he was buying them in an…

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