Veterans affairs secretary resigns in midst of hospital scandal

by madamerican2230

About time somebody said this is enough!! And stood up for what was right. He did what I would consider right and just!! I know I am usually not this nice, but for once I am being nice.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — [Adds breaking news update 11:42 a.m. ET]

President Barack Obama said Friday that he decided to accept Eric Shinseki’s resignation after previously supporting his Veterans Affairs secretary because of Shinseki’s “belief that he would be a distraction from” making the needed fixes to the troubled VA medical system.

Obama said problems with VA reporting systems “did not surface to the level” where Shinseki or the White House were aware of them.

Obama said there was “a need for a change in culture” at veterans hospitals “and perhaps the VA as a whole” to make sure that problems and “bad news” don’t get covered up, but get reported and fixed.

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Embattled Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki announced fixes to the crisis in the VA system on Friday, then met with President Barack Obama to learn if he would stay in his…

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