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Month: June, 2014

ACT OF WAR? Mexican Military Crosses Border; Fires on U.S.

  This post goes with my last post!  


How in the hell did Obama take a war that we basically had won, and turn it into a loss and possibly world war three?  We don’t know yet.  But yesterday there was an attack on our border.  That’s just scarrey!  They shot  and they went back across the border, in my eyes their plane should have been shot down.  I will try to find more information.  But that’s it for now.


Do we have a gay or straight congress?  Do we have a problem in congress?  If they’re that willing to dance with eachother why don’t they just dance around the issues and make them right and just?  Do what is right and just for this country.  Make them make some border enforcement laws.  Quit making the ones that don’t work at all a srtaight line to citizenship,  Quit making the ones that work in this country rightfully and pay their own taxes and live with their husband and have a kid in this country have to pay for their citizenship when other people don’t have to pay for their citizenship.  But yet they have to wait 2 years before they can become citizens because of all the red tape.  Yet, you have people that just walk into this country and go straight to the line and don’t have to wait any time at all compared to the people that wrok for this country.  Isn’t it time we make this right?  I think so, how about you?  This is one pissed of American pissed off about a situation that should be stopped now.  

EPA told employees to stop pooping in the hallway

EPA Told Employees To Stop Pooping In The Hallway

How disgusting!  Would you have the balls to do this?  I would be afraid I would loose my job and loose all the other chances of being employed elsewhere.  Unless my boss was participating in the crap throwing afair.  This is one pissed off American saying how freaking disgusting can you get?  


Does Obama ever ever sit in an office at a desk, or is he always playing golf.  Like yesterday he was playing golf.  The day the Benghazi attack happened he was playing poker, so was he doing his damn job?  If we weren’t doing our job, what would we have?  NO job.  We would be unemployed out on our butts, that’s where Mr Obama should be out on his butt!  I don’t care if he is the president, he should be fired.  Oh wait, he’s got a bunch of ignorant bosses.  He hasn’t a bunch of ignornat bosses who shouldn’t be in office either.  They all need to be fired too.  What in the hell are they doing, just sitting on their hands getting paid to do nothing?  I don’t get why they are like this.  But yet oh yes I do.  They have no one that is responsible for them.  No votes means the same people or worse people maybe if we’re lucky some sane people will get into office by chance.  I don’t know what to do about this.  I can’t do it by myself.  I have to have other peoples help…hello that’s you!  I feel like nobody is doing anything with me.  Where are you…Hello I need help!  This is one pissed off American, yes pissed off at you!  Not the president this time but YOU my readers that are not talking to me!  So how am I suppose to know that it’s actually sinking into someones head or isn’t?

Duh We knew this already!

No crap we knew this already, duh you freaking idiots!!  Hello people we weren’t born yesterday!

This is just flat out ridiculous

What the Hell?

I would think one car but not 2 cars, not 3 or more.  What does this damn weather pattern mean to this world?  Does it mean the end of the world is coming?  Prep,prep, prep.  I hope not because that means Obama is what I think he is, the antichrist.  But yet how can I say that?  But yet look at how many things he has done that lead me to believe that.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not threatening his life or anything, so don’t turn me into the police please.  But I wouldn’t you think that if you were watching everything going on with a critical eye like I have.  I know everyone doesn’t have a critical eye but I do….I think about this crazy crap all the time in fact my mind doesn’t stop allow me to even go to sleep at times.  I think I’m going to crazy!  I want to know what other people think about this, not about me going crazy but the other part.  So please comment.


Why are we letting these people in here?  It’s just trouble waiting to happen.  As if we don’t have enough trouble.  But, it’s not our decision it’s the white house.  And there again I think we should clean out every office in there and start all over again, but as I’ve said before it will never happen.  The best thing we can do is to tighten up the borders.  We don’t need more sex, drugs, crime.  How are we going to pay for it?  I bet Obama is thinking Oh well we’ll just increase our debt and that is so damn wrong.  Because we are already owe out the whazoo.  We are going to become another third world country whcih they are trying to get away from.  When is it going to end?  Is it ever going to end?  This is just a mess.  What about our own kids?  Are we taking care of them?  Good questions.

Middle finger in the air.

Can you say annoying?  This whole thing is sickening!  As I think I’ve said before.  If I didn’t,  I meant to, fishy, fishy, fishy….with guts all over it.  Somebody needs to be penalized for all this.  I am beginning to think we should be on the highest terrorist alert possible.  I don’t think we should have ever came off of it.  Until we get all these psycho under control and Obama is one of those psycho.  Sorry Mr. President but the truth is the truth to honest God.  When you started disobeying the constitution is when I started not listening to you.  I will listen to your military but I won’t listen to you.  So if you ever have a problem with me, send your military to get me or send the cops to get me.  But, please don’t you come with them.  Because I will do whatever I have to do to stay in my house, that includes me  to barricade myself in my house.  Even though I am handicap I will find a way to barricade myself in my house.  As you can tell this is one pissed off American with his middle finger up in the air.