Nancy Pelosi

by madamerican2230

This beep  shouldn’t be in office.  Don’t you think somebody better should be in there doing that job for our country?  I think she should be caged up I know this would be cruel and unusual punishment but she should be caged and chained up and put up a hose in front a cage and put on full blast!  Watch her run and try to get away from it.  Like a drowning rat, like a cat trying to get away from water.  Don’t drown her but make her miserable.  Don’t hurt the poor beep but make her miserable as possible.  Bring her down to our world.  Put her in prison for the things she has done in congress.  I know she has done a couple of illegal things, I can’t name them but I know they are there.  I don’t want her as a president. Absolutely not!!  That would just be putting anothe dictator in office, yes I said dictator.  I didn’t vote for that dicatator I didn’t want him in office and yes I still think he should be impeached and there is still time.  Whoever is not with me your crazy!!  One really pissed off American signing off for now.