What the F*** is up with this?

by madamerican2230


 Another lie from the white house!  When are they going to quit messing up our defense?  I know they released an american but they had to release a couple talibans…Why couldn’t they just have let the american go and keep  the terrorists in prison?  Instead they kept out the one American istead of the other thousand of American citizens they put in jeapordy along with the entire rest of the world.  What’s up with this crap?  They should have just left the terrorists they left out of prison with the one american that decided that the American side wasn’t good enough and went over to the other side and told them where our frontline was.  It could have put all the army at risk let alone his fellow troop members.  I think that’s ridiculous, they should’ve just left him in prison to die.  I don’t normally say that but when the truth needs to be told I tell it.  Excuse my way of thinking but that’s my way of thinking.  Nobody can take that way from me.  It’s my freedom of speech.  nobody can take our tongue out of our mouth without a fight.  If you know what i mean.  If you don’t know what I mean your not human.  Sorry but your not.  First of all they wouldn’t be able to get in my mouth, second of all if they got in my mouth they would have hurt fingers at most.  If I didn’t bite them off.  That goes for anybody that goes near my mouth without a piece of food.  Because if you don’t know by now I’m handicap and my head is the only sacred place I have!  People can touch it but they have to have permission to touch it otherwise I’m going to go off.  Believe me you don’t want to see me go off the way I would.  One very pissed off American.