by madamerican2230


Somebody has a hand in this, I don’t know who has their hand in this but it definitely not going the right way that they wanted it to, it’s going the opposite way because of one persons mess up or several people’s mess up.  But I don’t think the owners actually knew what was going on behind closed doors.  But my feeling is if they really wanted to find out, they could find out major details before they started this whole lawsuit.  They could have saved a lot of people and organizations a lot of heartache.  They had a good idea when they first started, but they should have researched it some more.  They should have just had every fact our on the table instead of it going out and letting them follow them making themselves look like an ass.  Along with other organizations that stand for the same thing as they do as they said they did, but by the looks of this and several reports I read they shouldn’t have started this lawsuit without researching what they were paying for in their insurance/retirement plan.  I don’t think they researched at all into their insurance/retirement plans before they went to court.  That is stupid because the lawyers do know all the right stuff to research they pull out everything against their opponent.  So needless to say you need to pull out everything you have before you go into court everything that is against you before you go into a court battle like this.  If you don’t it will end up one screwed up freaking mess.  Just like this one has.  This isn’t going to effect one person, it’s going to effect several people and organizations.  Because now everybody is going to have to pay for contraceptives, even though it’s not right.  Even if it goes against my Catholic religion.  Just because how one court case goes.  I hope it doesn’t continue like this, but I think we are screwed.  This is one pissed off American pissed off about something else besides the government, but still has to deal with the government.  The government started this whole damn thing and I know it won’t end anytime soon.  So us rightful American shave to keep on doing what is right and just for our fellow Americans.  We can’t just think about ourself anymore, it should have never went that way to begin with.  But like I was saying we can’t just worry about ourself anymore we need to worry about our other fellow Americans.  We don’t want America to end up as another 3rd world country.