Yes Obama released a Rat!

by madamerican2230

Yes the jest is he released a couple rats, and yes they will be back to hurt us.  Yes the war is starting all over again.  It may even be world war 3 event hough I hate to say it.  It may be with weapons of mass destruction.  You all know all the sensible people know we never did get all their weapons of mass destruction out of their hands.  yes we did get Sadam Hussein out of there but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have followers that will still follow up on his plans.  This is BS.  Our own president started the war against us.  The one who is supposed to be our commander and chief.  Who I never thought deserved thaqt title anyway but I voted for the other guy!  That still doesn’t solve the fact that we got a weak commander and chief.  That doesn’t know how to run his country, he’s running it into the freaking ground into a freaking deep hole that we are never going to get out.  May even be the same for the next president I’m afraid we will get another devil just like him and they will keep switching their game plan.  Yes he did release a rat and yes he is a rat!  Yes he is a leader of a mafia I don’t care what others say.  He is a leader of a mafia.   He is not for the US.  Where is proof that he was actually born in the US?   We don’t have any proof as of yet that I know of that he was born in the USA.  If you think you have proof that he was born in the US, please feel free to comment.  Don’t leave anything out, if you feel like cussing him out do so.  I fyou agree with pme please say so.  We got a damn rat for a leader.  That is just one pissed off Americans opinion though, I would like to hear other peoples opinions.