Multi-millionaire Hillary tells ABC she was ‘dead broke’ (and deflects on Benghazi)

by madamerican2230

I bet she will get the presidency but she’s not well liked by anybody including her democrat party or should I say dummercrats?  I hope I’m wrong.  But what does she mean by dead broke, she’s not dead broke as the video said?  She had plenty of chances to become rich all she had to do was take them, like she needs the money anyway.  Did you see the clothes she was wearing, those were not any hand me downs.  Their fist hand and I bet when she is done with them she just throws them away.  I bet they only get worn like 3 times a year if that.  That is not a lifetime for clothes.  So what I’m telling you is she can donate to anyone in need and probably get applauded for that, but look at us we don’t get applauded for doing that.  We don’t get on the news for doing what is right and just.  This is one pissed off American still pissed off from the looks of it my fire will never die down anytime soon.