Middle finger in the air.

by madamerican2230


Can you say annoying?  This whole thing is sickening!  As I think I’ve said before.  If I didn’t,  I meant to, fishy, fishy, fishy….with guts all over it.  Somebody needs to be penalized for all this.  I am beginning to think we should be on the highest terrorist alert possible.  I don’t think we should have ever came off of it.  Until we get all these psycho under control and Obama is one of those psycho.  Sorry Mr. President but the truth is the truth to honest God.  When you started disobeying the constitution is when I started not listening to you.  I will listen to your military but I won’t listen to you.  So if you ever have a problem with me, send your military to get me or send the cops to get me.  But, please don’t you come with them.  Because I will do whatever I have to do to stay in my house, that includes me  to barricade myself in my house.  Even though I am handicap I will find a way to barricade myself in my house.  As you can tell this is one pissed off American with his middle finger up in the air.