What the Hell?

by madamerican2230


I would think one car but not 2 cars, not 3 or more.  What does this damn weather pattern mean to this world?  Does it mean the end of the world is coming?  Prep,prep, prep.  I hope not because that means Obama is what I think he is, the antichrist.  But yet how can I say that?  But yet look at how many things he has done that lead me to believe that.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not threatening his life or anything, so don’t turn me into the police please.  But I wouldn’t you think that if you were watching everything going on with a critical eye like I have.  I know everyone doesn’t have a critical eye but I do….I think about this crazy crap all the time in fact my mind doesn’t stop allow me to even go to sleep at times.  I think I’m going to crazy!  I want to know what other people think about this, not about me going crazy but the other part.  So please comment.