by madamerican2230

Does Obama ever ever sit in an office at a desk, or is he always playing golf.  Like yesterday he was playing golf.  The day the Benghazi attack happened he was playing poker, so was he doing his damn job?  If we weren’t doing our job, what would we have?  NO job.  We would be unemployed out on our butts, that’s where Mr Obama should be out on his butt!  I don’t care if he is the president, he should be fired.  Oh wait, he’s got a bunch of ignorant bosses.  He hasn’t a bunch of ignornat bosses who shouldn’t be in office either.  They all need to be fired too.  What in the hell are they doing, just sitting on their hands getting paid to do nothing?  I don’t get why they are like this.  But yet oh yes I do.  They have no one that is responsible for them.  No votes means the same people or worse people maybe if we’re lucky some sane people will get into office by chance.  I don’t know what to do about this.  I can’t do it by myself.  I have to have other peoples help…hello that’s you!  I feel like nobody is doing anything with me.  Where are you…Hello I need help!  This is one pissed off American, yes pissed off at you!  Not the president this time but YOU my readers that are not talking to me!  So how am I suppose to know that it’s actually sinking into someones head or isn’t?