by madamerican2230

Do we have a gay or straight congress?  Do we have a problem in congress?  If they’re that willing to dance with eachother why don’t they just dance around the issues and make them right and just?  Do what is right and just for this country.  Make them make some border enforcement laws.  Quit making the ones that don’t work at all a srtaight line to citizenship,  Quit making the ones that work in this country rightfully and pay their own taxes and live with their husband and have a kid in this country have to pay for their citizenship when other people don’t have to pay for their citizenship.  But yet they have to wait 2 years before they can become citizens because of all the red tape.  Yet, you have people that just walk into this country and go straight to the line and don’t have to wait any time at all compared to the people that wrok for this country.  Isn’t it time we make this right?  I think so, how about you?  This is one pissed of American pissed off about a situation that should be stopped now.