by madamerican2230

This is not going to make our country better if we can’t take care of ourselves we can’t take care of Mexican people either. Just look at our government they are trying to become like Mexico with ObamaCare. Where we will be forced to wait in line until we die, yesterday I heard a loved one got a call that their loved ones appt was accepted but it was already to late, it was 2 years after they died. Now shouldn’t somebody have paperwork on their patients death, yes! That call should have never happened. Unfortunately I think this is going to happen to more and more as more people are going to be forgotten, I know I have been forgotten. You know what I think they just think oh well we can’t do anything for him so we will just not call him back. If I were still waiting on them to call me back I would still be in a soft neck brace to this day, but I went other routes and went to chiropractic care. I know chiropractic care isn’t trusted by doctors but I think that should change. Along with what I said up above. How many of you think this is absolutely ridiculous. How many of you think this is wrong. Please tell me I don’t care if it’s against me or for me, I just want comments. I won’t be mad either way! I may try to persuade you my way but that is the fun of talking back and forth. This is one pissed off American signing off.