by madamerican2230
Duh stupid morons they shouldn’t waste money on this when we already know the facts. They are just trying to prove that Michelle Obama is right, and we know she is stupid too! I would love to see her eat what the children eat for lunch in the schools. No wonder the schools are losing money on the school lunches because nobody wants to eat the crap she has put into law. You cna’t tell me Obama put that into law, she sjust said here sign this or I’m divorcing your butt. I’m hoping she doesn’t get the balls to run, yes I said balls. Yes I mean balls between your legs. What does Obama see in her anyways, I forgot he doesn’t have any brains and that his kids are smarter than him, Isn’t that sad? But I know it’s the truth and I know he is paying for their brain. But at least some body in the family has some brains maybe it will rub off on their parents sooner or later. I just wonder how many times he should have been in the situation room when he was truly in the bedroom? Sometimes I wonder how these people get elected, yes I know we elect them, but truly we don’t the electorial college truly elects them and thats just another whole story which someday soon we will truly understand I hope. Should they even be there? no but again thats another whole different story which I will go on about later. If were a complete democracy we would be voting about everything. And I know that’s not possible so this is the best way possible but we need to learn what is best for the country that is what is best for people in congress in the white house. Bye for now one pissed off American has to go somewhere and is shutting up his mouth which he doesn’t know how to do if you can’t tell.