Would it be Mr Obamas mistake or did he do it on purpose?

by madamerican2230

This is Mr Obamas mistake it’s like a bad marriage the good news we only have a little bit more to go. Thank God this isn’t a lifetime marriage because if it was we would be in some deep shit! Yes folks I said deep shit. Because that is the truth. Until we get out of this administration we are still going to be swallowed even deeper even though it’s up to our necks now. Maybe if we get it up to his mouth he will shut up. But I doubt it he will just keep talking and get it in his mouth too in that case it will just be one humungous turd going down in a sewe drain! Is this the only mistake he is made? I don’t think so, tell me what you think? I don’t want to be the only one doing this I would like to have feedback…whether I’m right or wrong, I don’t care if your a follower or not I would appreciate feedback.