Hobby Lobby Might Mobilize Women, but Not Everywhere

by madamerican2230

Don’t they mean everybody should have to vote instead of women? There we go with only one sex again. Don’t they know that’s discrimination? When is our own Congress going to stop discriminating against us, not just whites and blacks, males and females. I’m tired of this bullshit! We can’t discriminate anybody why can Congress? We can’t hire somebody just because they’re female and get away with it, so why can they say only females need to get out and vote. Why can’t they just say all citizens? Which is they truth anyways. It’s the people who don’t get out and vote that seem to be the one who complains about who is in the office. When this president get into office it kind of bit us in the ass. Everybody was thinking they would vote for the white guy, but instead all the people in the low-income communities voted for the black guy. Now even the low-income communities hate the president they voted in. But, will that teach them a lesson? No. They will probably continue the bad streak and vote Hillary Clinton in. If she decides to go up for president. Which I hope she doesn’t get past the primary. But, I know my wish will probably not come true. I just hope a new party comes in with a new candidate for this election and that party gets in. But again I’m doing wishful thinking. I want to know what other people think, so please comment. I don’t care if you’re a follower or not please comment. This is one pissed off American going off on his soapbox again as usual.