This is what you get when good people turn bad people in, or vice versa

by madamerican2230

I know people are going to think I’m bad about getting in other peoples business but sometimes you need to get into other peoples business to realize it’s everywhere and your not the only one that has a problem. So admit your problems and go seek help if you have a problem if you don’t have a problem just be awaare their are people out there that have probles and need hlep, you may be the only one that can get them help, you may be the only that is sane enough to get them hlep. You may have to turn them in for child endangerment but if you see stuff like that going on, you do need to get that family some help. Don’t just sit back and let it happen. Sometime that could be your niece or nephew just saying!
JULY 16, 2014
Sheriff Al Solomon released the names and charges against 17 Auglaize County individuals arrested Tuesday on numerous drug charges. The Grand Lake Drug Task Force and local officers went out Tuesday morning with Grand Jury Indictments in hand and began the process of making the arrests. The arrests are a result of a lengthy investigation by undercover officers with the task force. Agencies involved in the cases and arrests are The Auglaize County Sheriff’s Office, The Grand Lake Drug Task Force and Task Force members, The Auglaize County Prosecutor’s Office, Wapakoneta Police, St. Marys Police, New Bremen Police, and Cridersville Police.
Sheriff Solomon stated he is happy with the amount of arrests and the hard work of the deputies and officers but is unhappy about the amount of drug activity happening in this county and surrounding counties. “As promised we have continued to investigate the drug sales in this county and surrounding counties. This agency along with others has spent a lot of time, resources and money combating the drug issues and will continue to do so. It is a problem that we will always fight. We will not give up. Lots of the charges are for heroin which continues to be a major problem. The Drug Task Force focused on the heroin but as always other drugs come into play as being an issue. Some of the marijuana cases are suspected of the use and sale of medical marijuana.
Those arrested are:
Tyler D. Vondenberger, 24, St. Marys. Three counts trafficking in marijuana.
Travis Alan Jessen, 19, New Bremen. One count sale of dangerous drugs.
Todd Michael McClain, 25, St. Marys. One count trafficking in heroin, one count trafficking in drugs.
Joshua J. Krieg, 23, St. Marys. Four counts trafficking in marijuana.
Alisha M. Gilliland, 26, St. Marys. Two counts sale of dangerous drugs and two counts trafficking in drugs.
Sara Beth Gallimore, 33, St. Marys. Two counts trafficking in marijuana.
Brandon T. Hicks, 24, St. Marys. Two counts trafficking in marijuana, one count trafficking in drugs, two counts trafficking in cocaine.
Jeffrey Lee Christian, 29, St. Marys. Four counts trafficking in heroin, one count trafficking in drugs.
Shayne P. Wade AKA Shayne Wade Coulter, 21, Sidney. Two counts trafficking in cocaine.
Teresa Jean Hatfield, 31, St. Marys. One count trafficking in heroin.
David N. Christian, 48, St. Marys. Five counts trafficking in drugs.
Debra Ann Decker, 45, St. Marys. Two counts trafficking in drugs.
Susan E. Binkley, 48, Wapakoneta. One count trafficking in drugs.
Raymond Lee Adkins II., 20, Wapakoneta. Three counts trafficking in marijuana, one count trafficking in drugs.
Benjamin J. Gardner, 22, Wapakoneta. Three counts trafficking in marijuana, two counts trafficking in L.S.D.
Adam Lee Cornett, 32, St. Marys. Two counts trafficking in heroin.
Chrystyan S. Kline, 23, St. Marys. Four counts trafficking in cocaine.
Sheriff Solomon added “additional arrests are expected in the future and the investigation continues on these people arrested and others in the community, that have not been caught…yet……”
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Terry Hawkins they need to throw away the key on the Christian guys
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Craig Cougar Mellencamp St. Marys continues to be the embarrassment of Auglaize county.
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Tina Myers Jenkins ^ if you believe that the drug issues are only in St. Marys you are sadly misinformed.
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Krista Hower Thomas Wapak big on it to
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Lynn Cramer Great job guys!!! Way to keep the streets clean…
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Nikki Christian Really Terry Hawkins you wanna say that realizing that they are my family. Have some respect
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Nichole Ruvoldt Same ppl diff bust
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Deb Zizelman Drugs are everywhere
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Erica Ball It’s a sad thing , getting worse by the day. Why can’t ppl just be strong And say NO to the drugs?!!!
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Kevin Allen Axe Keep up the great work
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Patty Slone Mabry This can happen in any family.. this is a sickness. IM happy to see the task force is working on the problem, but the rude comments should be kept to yourself. These people are somebodies family and they are hurting enough. Please be alittle more considerate.
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Sarah Beth Thobe I don’t care who it is, I’m just glad they are getting people off our streets who are selling and doing these drugs! Good job Auglaize County! Keep our children safe and everyone else!
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Craig Cougar Mellencamp I hope all of these people go to jail for a significant amount of time. Couldn’t care less if they are your family members. They are all scumbags and drains on society. Good riddance and lots of shower assaults in jail.
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Sylvia Jane Felver-christan well Craig you need to understand what im going throw im 15 and i never feel this why ever but i now feel like this cuz i know my dad didnt do it my brother on the other hand maybe but if people are going to make fun of my dad then they can make fun of me too cuz if you was me and my age and he was your dd you would understand me and my family
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Craig Cougar Mellencamp I also hope that if any of them have children, that they get taken away from them forever.
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Nikki Christian You know what Craig keep all your rude comments to your self. How dare you.
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Nikki Christian My dad and brother are not scumbags keep your name calling to yourself
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Andrew Ellis I see my earlier comment got deleted because I cursed. Silly me. Anyway…..looking at the Facebook pages for some of these people, it’s kinda funny how they are blaming the “snitches.” Maybe try not being a criminal and this wouldn’t have happened?
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Brian Fowler They will be out soon walking around as narks u see it all way to much they cut a deal and roll over on someone so they can avoid the jail time. not a single one of them are innocent you don’t just get arrested just because they think you are doing drugs there is an investigation into all that’s arrested they can all say there innocent all they want
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Sylvia Jane Felver-christan my dad is going to be in there a long time
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Sylvia Jane Felver-christan ill be 25 my sister will be 24 and my brother will be 22 my mom will be 43 and hewill be 58
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Mindii La’Cole And boom goes the dynamite
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Craig Cougar Mellencamp Nikki Christian explain to me how your dad and brother are not scumbags? I’ve had two people very close to me die from drug overdoses. Your scumbag family members are a direct contributor to the drug problem in west central Ohio. I hope you never see them again.
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Nikki Christian You know what Craig this is what I’m going to tell you, you worthless piece of crap I will see them again and they are not scumbags they did what they did so what. They are not the direct contributors to nothing. People need to realize that no body is …See More
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Craig Cougar Mellencamp I’m not worthless. I have a real job. I’m not in jail. Never have been. I don’t do drugs. And my dad and brother aren’t in jail like yours are. Tell them everything I said on here. Tell them that the world things they are scumbags, except for you. Then blow them a kiss and tell them it’s from me… Scumbag.
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Pat Gallimore why does it matter they will be back on the street anyway
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Angela Christian My daughter’s need to stop commenting on stupidity.
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Zach Metzger People will never learn
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Amanda Whited so ima just say who are any of u to.judge anyone?! when it comes down to it god is the only judge in this country that really matters everyone wants to call names point finger play the blame game they all did wat they did its that its just called respe…See More
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Craig Cougar Mellencamp Amanda, you can’t even type out a post using real words. What makes you think anyone will take you seriously? How do you expect to get a good job someday when you use words like “ima” and “ur”. Please. What you’re doing is rude to the English language and intelligent people everywhere.
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Adam N Melanie Gilleo Everyone makes mistakes including you Craig. They chose to do what they did and are going to pay the price for it. Doesn’t make them any less human than you. Im sure you aren’t perfect and im pretty sure you don’t walk on water. No need to call people names like they are worthless. You are the rude and ignorant one saying horrible things even to the familys and children. What does that say about your character?
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