Harry Reid has officially lost it!

by madamerican2230

If the border is so secure, why do we have illegals crossing? and the states are trying to buy hotels for them, until they get processed. That is just a little ridiculous isn’t it? When he says the border is under control it’s not. He’s just a big fat liar like Obama. If you know what I mean. You already know how I feel, we need to kick all congress out of the house before this country goes down in history as a bad country to live in. It’s still the safest but it’s also the badest too. I know that’s a oxymoron but it’s still the truth. It’s the safest but it’s also beginning to be the worst. I think Congress and the President are trying to start world war 3 and that’s not good. I think they are going to make it, again that’s not good. This is one pissed off American saying hope to be alive tomorrow!