Oh Hell NO!

by madamerican2230

Even Jesus Christ couldn’t get me to do that! So yes I’m saying if my life comes down to it, see you in hell down in a deep hole where I can never get out of. I would be proud to say it too. So yeah it’s just a swing but remember the straps can’t hold you forever. And remember the straps can break and can come loose remember the seat can fall to the ground. Can you tell I don’t like amusement rides, even if they are at an amusement park even if it’s my favorite which is Cedar point. At one time I could do the demon drop, but that is no freaking more. That only took one pair of pants. It won’t take anymore. So how about you? Do you like rides or don’t you. Tell me about some of your experiences. This is one pissed off American that thinks amusement parks should have more plays instead of rides. Things that make more sense. They can get more money out of us if they put more plays in because we would have to buy tickets to get in to be there at a certain time. We would get hungry and we would eat more, or we would wait in line. Oh am I forgetting, most people are not handicap most people can’t wait in line and go around and do other things. To bad for you, but good for me. Sometimes I like being handicap but most of the time I don’t. Most of the time it sucks. Especially when those so good doctors can’t figure out what in the hell is wrong with you. Most of them don’t even take medicare/medicaid. So you have to pay out of your pocket. I know this is a totally different subject then when I started and hope your not upset with me, but can you tell I am pissed. I don’t like going to 50 million doctors and not being told a straight answer by even one of them. They think just because we are in a cair they can get more money out of us, that is wrong. That is so wrong. That’s like telling people to have an abortion. And then going through with it when their doctor knows that it’s murder. I know that isn’t the same thing but it kind of is. Because their literally raping us out of money. Mostly the handicap people can’t get money like able bodied people can. Every piece of money we get we have to work our asses off for. Then people like the doctors want to rape us and this is not right. So my question to you? Is do you think it’s going to get any bettter or not? I’ll get out of my second soapbox. Once you get one pissed off American talking you can’t get him to shut up. Just saying!!