by madamerican2230
How much bullshit is this? Drugs are always going to lead to something bad. I mean look at on welfare, I mean half of them are on drugs aI bet. They should have to pass a drug test, if they can afford drugs they can afford to be put flat on their ass. If they come up positive for drugs they should automatically kicked off the welfare system. Welfare is not to  put on drugs, welfare is for those that are actually trying and struggling to make ends meet and care for their family. It’s not for those trying to commit suicide by doing drugs. Cigarettes are fine but no pot and no alcohol. No opiates or anything other illegal substance. I am not saying cigarettes are fine but a lot of people do cigarettes that are some very good people, they just have a bad habit and started way to early probably even before they realized it was a bad habit. They knew better probably before they were teens. Not saying every older person can’t get off them but when you start in your teens you have a harder time getting off cigarettes. I don’t get that but that’s the way it is. If you knock all the people off welfare on cigarettes your going to have no welfare at all. Some of those people are really trying, some of them have 2-3 jobs just to maintain their half and work lots of overtime. Some people are just married to deadbeats. The deadbeats don’t know any better, most of the time their loved one knows such but can’t get out of the situation. Yes you got me on my soapbox again. Everytime I post something on here I’m pretty much on my soapbox. Sorry about that but that’s what this blog is for. And I would appreciate it if somebody give me something else to talk about besides my own topics. So please tell me how you feel, I won’t be offended in any way or about anything to talk about. If you feel that way someone else probably feels that way to probably including myself. I don’t care if your democrat or republican. Everybody has a right to their opinion even if it’s right or bad. I would like to talk about something good for once. If you can find something good about the government but probably not considering their still talking about impeachment. Which they have been talking about since the second year of Mr. Obama’s time in office. About the second year, I don’t know exactly when it was but it seems like not that long ago. That man has never done anything right for this country. He should have never been allowed in congress, let alone be the head and chief of this country. Sorry, but I have no respect for this do as you can tell from all of my previous and current posting. This is one very pissed off American challenging you to get me even more riled up!! I promise you I will check in more often and start doing more posts. Most of my posts are based off The Five. Because that’s what I know and that’s where I can to the easiest. Forgive me if I have any mistakes people are allowed to have mistakes.