Shouldn’t they be charged for abandonment?

by madamerican2230

If you paid for somebody else to have your baby, you should be charged for abandonment if you decide you no longer want the baby. I know this is hard to believe it’s coming out of my mouth but if they want a baby and it comes out with twins don’t they have to take both of them to be right with God, otherwise it’s considered abandonment by God. It’s choosing a life over anothers life. It may be that way in God’s eyes. We will never know they have to wait and see the outcome. I’m glad i’m not in their shoes because in my eyes this would not be considered right and just. This is wrong in too many ways. In fatc I can’t believe anybody in their right mind would choose a child over another child. Especially if the pregnancy was because of them. This does not make sense in many ways. What do you think? I want some comments and be truthful I might comment back but I won’t get mad.