Nancy Pelosi and her Lies!

by madamerican2230
Nancy Pelosi is so ridiculous its not even funny. But are we going to have to put up with her in the white house for 4 more years, I hope not! Yes I mean she will be the commander and chief, I hope not. If she is we just shot ourself in the foot. Where we don’t have any room yet. Yes I mean we are still recovering from many other wounds to our government body.  You know who caused it Mr Obama and his wife Michelle Obama.  What we will call the first guy her Mr. First Dude instead of first lady…you get it?  instead of the first lady he will be the first guy.  That will just seem first it is about time we have a lady president but not her.  Now if it was Sarah Palin I could see that.  But, not Nancy Pelosi.  Nancy is the devil in disguise.  Just like I think Obama is the devil in disguise.  We are going to have another devil talke over, this is unbelievable.  It needs to stop so get out and vote when the next election comes, Please!  I don’t care who the other candidate is please vote for the other side.  This is one pissed off American just stating his opinion.