Stuff making me furious!

by madamerican2230

This is making me so mad.  Where is our country going, down the tubes.  You don’t know how to trust our cops.  We don’t know how to cut people when they need cut off the air.  The tv is making the gay communtiy bigger than it is.  But what about the sane community?  What about the Catholic comunity?  Obama is getting his hands in everything, he needs to keep his hands out as much as possible.  He’s even getting into the funerals, the government is even getting into funerals, that’s not right.  That is down outright sickening.  I hate watching tv.  But I feel like it’s my duty to watch what is going around in the news.  But the news makes me so sick.  And don’t forget they are not telling us the things we need to know like earthquake detection and it’s not what it should be.  We don’t have a warning system.  One pissed off American still very pissed off signing off.