This makes me so sick!

by madamerican2230

Knowing that I think he probably went back to them is ridiculous.  I think anybody that tries to go back to them should be this is unhumane and a miserable punishment but I think they should be hung or shot to death if they try to cross the border back and forth.  I think they are trying to cross the border back and forth and get on our good side then go and secret spy and tell them what we are doing.  Then they are going to come back and eventually attack us, whose fault would that be, us because we don’t have enough sense to tighten up our borders and keep them tight.  That way no immigrants can get in.  Unless they are applying for a green card already.  That’s how I feel.  I really want to know how somebody else feels.  I really want conversation back and forth.  I know people read this.  One pissed off American that’s really pissed off at the whole situation.  They are probably using our own information against us that’s when it gets ridiculous.  I am so furious with congress right now.  I am about ready to send all of them a nasty note.  But then I would probably get thrown in jail.  Jail wouldn’t be any fun for me.  Blogging is fun for me, in fact I have another good blog if you believe that if you want to read it the  it’s I think some of you will be surprised.  Some of you will think how does he swithc a leash that fast.  Maybe because I am sitting in a chair wishing I could do something about it and I can’t like be in the army or something like that.  Well I am on my soapbox.  Sorry I better get off her before I get another soap box.