by madamerican2230

Does any body know who is ISIS and who is not?  Who is terrorists and who is not?  NO, not now a days.  Police officers can’t protect anymore because they are afraid of what the criminal might do if they end up shooting them, but what else do they have to protect them.  A baton which will make the criminal even madder or even worse pepper spray.  Or a bean bag gun which all do their job and all do hurt a criminal.  But do they have enough power to stop the criminal not in my opinion unless you have a gun in your optional things to use.  Are you going to have enough power to stop the criminal, No.  But it’s going to far the other way that if you shoot somebody it’s going to come back on you.  Even if you were in the right.  Especially if you’re a different race shooting another race.  White/black, black/white.  I’m not racist here I’m just telling you the truth.  Cops are not safe anymore, cops can’t do their job.  So how are we suppose to maintain order?  In a city, country so on and so on.  How do you know when a person is going to turn on you?  You don’t.  That’s where I think this county is going terribly wrong cops are there to protect us.  Not to fight for their rights the rights we give them when we give them that job.  Yes I understand if they shoot somebody they have to go under investigation but only until they were proved to be in the right not so the criminal can press charges against them.  Only until they were proven they were right to do what they did.  When is this world going to go back to what is was meant to do and be one family under God and one Nation under God?  And have Faith in the government?  I guess should say a prayer in government where every time they meet in the house they say a prayer.  Then maybe things would continue to go right instead of everything going wrong like in my opinion it is now going that way, but that’s only my opinion.  I am a good person, and I have a reason behind every post on this blog.  That is get government back on the side of the people.  As long as we have most of the democrats in the house and the senate it’s not going to get any better.  I don’t know what to do about this but write about it.  Try to get the word out.  This is one pissed off American still pissed off.