Why put guns in schools?

Guns in schools are stupid.  Why not put the bible back in schools?  The bible is what people need, I don’t care what religion you are.  The living word is the living word, I can’t say that enough.  When you read the bible its like reading a love note from Jesus Christ himself.  I know a lot of people don’t believe but so what.  Some people have to be shown they have to be lead to God by something why not let it be the school?  Why did we ever separate church and sate anyways?  Instead of saying Church and state we might as well say church and school and some other stuff too, but the main one is school.  If you know what I mean.  This is one pissed off  American!  Not so pissed off just stating the facts Jack!  Maybe we wouldn’t have all the crime in the world.  Maybe we would have no crime, that’s wishful thinking.  But, that’s what I hope for and pray for every day.  So if you are like me and not a shovenist pig or whatever you would like to put there, like this post or follow me on my other blog address.  joncraft84.wordpress.com……This may surprise you, it may not.  You may say oh yeah, this is a good guy with a good head on his shoulders.  Or you may say this guy is a two-faced guy.  The truth is I am a two-faced guy, if you want to call me that call me that.  But, I am a two-faced guy for a good reason.  Because I hate thow the government puts its hand in everything we do.  Including having their hand in church now, I don’t know how they can say church and state when the government has it’s handed in church.  The biggest way the government has their hand in church is they try to make us pay for things we don’t believe in, such as abortions.  Now I will get off my soapbox!