So true, but I am ashame to say it! Where is our congress? taking this country. I bet even the statue of liberty is ashamed. It would probably be shaking it’s fist if it wasn’t a statue. I bet nobody would give us a gift now, would they? She was a gift. Is what I am saying. If we don’t take care of our country. Will any of our alias stick up for us? No I don’t think so, Do I blame them no I don’t. One pissed of American who says what he thinks, and means what he says. One day I was a nice man, but now I am really truly pissed off. I bet my grandparents are turning over in their grave, I would be if I continued to think about this forever and ever. So I try to limit how much I watch on tv and how much I read online. I just truly don’t know what to say anymore about this country, I truly don’t know if I can be honest with the things I say anymore on this blog. I am afraid somebody might come and shoot me down with a drone. You know they can see everthing we do, yes it’s that bad. Well I will get off now.

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