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Support your local wineries

Support your local wineries if your going to drink at all you might as well support our local wineries.  I know we all need a drink every once in a while.  So why not make it wine instead of beer!  I know some people are going to be mad at me for saying this but deal with it.  This is one pissed off American trying to suggest something good so get out there and drink up!~


Stuff making me furious!

This is making me so mad.  Where is our country going, down the tubes.  You don’t know how to trust our cops.  We don’t know how to cut people when they need cut off the air.  The tv is making the gay communtiy bigger than it is.  But what about the sane community?  What about the Catholic comunity?  Obama is getting his hands in everything, he needs to keep his hands out as much as possible.  He’s even getting into the funerals, the government is even getting into funerals, that’s not right.  That is down outright sickening.  I hate watching tv.  But I feel like it’s my duty to watch what is going around in the news.  But the news makes me so sick.  And don’t forget they are not telling us the things we need to know like earthquake detection and it’s not what it should be.  We don’t have a warning system.  One pissed off American still very pissed off signing off.  

This is sickening, it shouldn’t be allowed on tv or the news.

Nancy Pelosi and her Lies!
Nancy Pelosi is so ridiculous its not even funny. But are we going to have to put up with her in the white house for 4 more years, I hope not! Yes I mean she will be the commander and chief, I hope not. If she is we just shot ourself in the foot. Where we don’t have any room yet. Yes I mean we are still recovering from many other wounds to our government body.  You know who caused it Mr Obama and his wife Michelle Obama.  What we will call the first guy her Mr. First Dude instead of first lady…you get it?  instead of the first lady he will be the first guy.  That will just seem first it is about time we have a lady president but not her.  Now if it was Sarah Palin I could see that.  But, not Nancy Pelosi.  Nancy is the devil in disguise.  Just like I think Obama is the devil in disguise.  We are going to have another devil talke over, this is unbelievable.  It needs to stop so get out and vote when the next election comes, Please!  I don’t care who the other candidate is please vote for the other side.  This is one pissed off American just stating his opinion.  

Springfield crews called to search for boy in Buck Creek

Springfield crews called to search for boy in Buck Creek.

Reading is necessary.  Can we say somebody wasn’t thinking?  In my opinion the uncle should be charged.  It seems like common sense to me but obviously not everybody.  I’m sorry for posting this but read signs and pay attention to them don’t text and drive, don’t read and drive.  Most importand be careful when your doing something with machinery or someone’s life is at stake.  This is why I posted this.  Because I don’t think enough people pay enough attention to their enviroment and sometimes that can get you in trouble like it did in this situation.  Please feel free to comment if you would like to.  I won’t be upset even if it’s a negative post.  I can see why it would be negative.  This is utterly disgusting.  As I said up above somebody should be charged with something maybe even murder I know that’s drastic but he could have read the signs and pay attention he looked like a trust worthy person to me.  How about you?  I would like to know your view.  Even if you think my view is wrong I would like to know why and allow you to explain it to me, maybe I will even change your mind while you explain it to me.  But this is utterly ridiculous yes I am mad at the law department for not charging somebody as I think it should be the uncle, maybe even the parents because I think the parents knew what they were doing and therefore they are responsible too.  But I don’t know what they were all thinking to begin with.  This is one pissed off American signing off for once it’s not the size of the government that you thought this post would be about or very similiar to it.  

WTF……”wait it out my a**”
Can we say stupid landlord, can we say infested house, or infested apartments. In my opinion if he’s not going to exterminate them it should be condemned until someboy exterminates it but that’s just one very opionated pissed off American. Ugly situation! That landlord should be very happy it’s not me because I would be rippping that landlord a neww butt hole excuse my language!! I probably shouldn’t be allowed to post on this thing.

Shouldn’t they be charged for abandonment?

If you paid for somebody else to have your baby, you should be charged for abandonment if you decide you no longer want the baby. I know this is hard to believe it’s coming out of my mouth but if they want a baby and it comes out with twins don’t they have to take both of them to be right with God, otherwise it’s considered abandonment by God. It’s choosing a life over anothers life. It may be that way in God’s eyes. We will never know they have to wait and see the outcome. I’m glad i’m not in their shoes because in my eyes this would not be considered right and just. This is wrong in too many ways. In fatc I can’t believe anybody in their right mind would choose a child over another child. Especially if the pregnancy was because of them. This does not make sense in many ways. What do you think? I want some comments and be truthful I might comment back but I won’t get mad.
How much bullshit is this? Drugs are always going to lead to something bad. I mean look at on welfare, I mean half of them are on drugs aI bet. They should have to pass a drug test, if they can afford drugs they can afford to be put flat on their ass. If they come up positive for drugs they should automatically kicked off the welfare system. Welfare is not to  put on drugs, welfare is for those that are actually trying and struggling to make ends meet and care for their family. It’s not for those trying to commit suicide by doing drugs. Cigarettes are fine but no pot and no alcohol. No opiates or anything other illegal substance. I am not saying cigarettes are fine but a lot of people do cigarettes that are some very good people, they just have a bad habit and started way to early probably even before they realized it was a bad habit. They knew better probably before they were teens. Not saying every older person can’t get off them but when you start in your teens you have a harder time getting off cigarettes. I don’t get that but that’s the way it is. If you knock all the people off welfare on cigarettes your going to have no welfare at all. Some of those people are really trying, some of them have 2-3 jobs just to maintain their half and work lots of overtime. Some people are just married to deadbeats. The deadbeats don’t know any better, most of the time their loved one knows such but can’t get out of the situation. Yes you got me on my soapbox again. Everytime I post something on here I’m pretty much on my soapbox. Sorry about that but that’s what this blog is for. And I would appreciate it if somebody give me something else to talk about besides my own topics. So please tell me how you feel, I won’t be offended in any way or about anything to talk about. If you feel that way someone else probably feels that way to probably including myself. I don’t care if your democrat or republican. Everybody has a right to their opinion even if it’s right or bad. I would like to talk about something good for once. If you can find something good about the government but probably not considering their still talking about impeachment. Which they have been talking about since the second year of Mr. Obama’s time in office. About the second year, I don’t know exactly when it was but it seems like not that long ago. That man has never done anything right for this country. He should have never been allowed in congress, let alone be the head and chief of this country. Sorry, but I have no respect for this do as you can tell from all of my previous and current posting. This is one very pissed off American challenging you to get me even more riled up!! I promise you I will check in more often and start doing more posts. Most of my posts are based off The Five. Because that’s what I know and that’s where I can to the easiest. Forgive me if I have any mistakes people are allowed to have mistakes.

Oh Hell NO!

Even Jesus Christ couldn’t get me to do that! So yes I’m saying if my life comes down to it, see you in hell down in a deep hole where I can never get out of. I would be proud to say it too. So yeah it’s just a swing but remember the straps can’t hold you forever. And remember the straps can break and can come loose remember the seat can fall to the ground. Can you tell I don’t like amusement rides, even if they are at an amusement park even if it’s my favorite which is Cedar point. At one time I could do the demon drop, but that is no freaking more. That only took one pair of pants. It won’t take anymore. So how about you? Do you like rides or don’t you. Tell me about some of your experiences. This is one pissed off American that thinks amusement parks should have more plays instead of rides. Things that make more sense. They can get more money out of us if they put more plays in because we would have to buy tickets to get in to be there at a certain time. We would get hungry and we would eat more, or we would wait in line. Oh am I forgetting, most people are not handicap most people can’t wait in line and go around and do other things. To bad for you, but good for me. Sometimes I like being handicap but most of the time I don’t. Most of the time it sucks. Especially when those so good doctors can’t figure out what in the hell is wrong with you. Most of them don’t even take medicare/medicaid. So you have to pay out of your pocket. I know this is a totally different subject then when I started and hope your not upset with me, but can you tell I am pissed. I don’t like going to 50 million doctors and not being told a straight answer by even one of them. They think just because we are in a cair they can get more money out of us, that is wrong. That is so wrong. That’s like telling people to have an abortion. And then going through with it when their doctor knows that it’s murder. I know that isn’t the same thing but it kind of is. Because their literally raping us out of money. Mostly the handicap people can’t get money like able bodied people can. Every piece of money we get we have to work our asses off for. Then people like the doctors want to rape us and this is not right. So my question to you? Is do you think it’s going to get any bettter or not? I’ll get out of my second soapbox. Once you get one pissed off American talking you can’t get him to shut up. Just saying!!

Roger Williams for Congress

Maybe if we get rid of the donkeys and get some elephants in there lol! HAHA ROTFLMAO so hard I may pee my pants!